We set the pace for sustainable growth in building automation. We can turn your complicated building automation and HVAC control problems into simple and economical solutions. Our expertise and capability to deliver HVAC control solutions help you grow your business.

In addition, all our products pave the way to a sustainable future where primary energy comes from fossil-free sources.
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OUMAN Thermostat tftOUMAN Thermostat


OUMAN Thermostats are designed with a modern look, accurate and reliable. They can be installed and connected online in just minutes. The thermostats are reliable but still affordable for any budget. Check out what our thermostats have to offer!
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OUMAN S203 ControllerOUMAN S203 Controller

Heating & Ventilation controllers

OUMAN controllers provide the perfect solution for a wide variety of HVAC systems. The products are easy to use and integrate seamlessly into any building's systems. Check out how our controllers can be integrated into your project or OEM products.
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OUMAN Wireless SensorOUMAN Sensor

Wireless sensors

The OUMAN Wireless measuring system is an advanced way to monitor and control your property’s indoor climate. This wireless sensor monitors the temperature, humidity, and other parameters of a property, providing valuable data for optimizing heating and ventilation. Learn more!
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OUMAN ThermostatOUMAN Thermostat

User interfaces

With our smart user interfaces, you can monitor and control your property’s HVAC systems with a swipe of your finger. These displays are used in projects and to control heating and ventilation units. Read more!
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OUMAN Automation Cloud ServiceOUMAN Building Automation Cloud service

Cloud services

Whether it's entire building automation systems, specific room control, or heating your sauna, you can manage everything through OUMAN's cyber secure cloud services.

Tailored mobile app
We also offer the option for a tailored mobile app just for your company, for that complete and exceptional brand delivery.
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OUMAN Grey LogoOUMAN Logo Yellow

Building automation products

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OUMAN and SADE Innovations sign partnership agreement
Jul 26, 2022

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