heating & ventilation controllers

We offer a wide range of heating and ventilation controllers to suit your needs. Our controllers are well-suited for projects and are fast and easy to configure, and we can make customized versions for OEMs.
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Get your heating and ventilation right.

Our controllers are used in diverse applications and are pre-programmed to run virtually all HVAC processes - we have the expertise to ensure that our products meet your needs.

Control your heating

We provide a variety of heating controllers suitable for both detached houses and larger buildings, to make sure that you can control the system of your choice efficiently and effectively.

Our heating controllers are used in district heating substations, heat pumps, and boiler applications.
Control your heating

Accurate domestic hot-water

An intuitive design makes commissioning a domestic hot-water production plants easier than ever. Our text-based UI and wizard guide the installer through the process fast. When connected online, service and troubleshooting can be done from your tablet or computer.

Manage your ventilation

With pre-programmed OUMAN ventilation controllers, you can easily upgrade an existing air-handling unit or make a new project. OUMAN ventilation controllers suit OEM purposes well also. Our controllers can control all kinds of devices from exhaust fans to complicated air-handling units with heating and cooling capabilities.

All OUMAN HVAC controllers connect easily to our OUMAN Cloud.
Free up WiFi bandwidth with our wireless sensors.
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OEM customer benefits


Pre-programmed to support virtually every heating and ventilation process.

Electrical cabinets

We produce cost-effective ready-made electrical cabinets for OEM manufacturers.

User friendly

We are usability experts and design the UI so that it is easy to use for both the installer and the end-user.


Several different remote-management solutions are available, for example remote-management via Ounet SCADA and SMS. Some controllers also have a local web server with the ability to draw graphic pictures for the process.

Contractor / installer benefits

Fast commissioning

Due to pre-programmed processes and intuitive text-based UI in your own language, commissioning an OUMAN product is fast and easy.

Rapid installation

Designed to meet installers' wishes. OUMAN controllers are easy to install.


You can replace virtually any other brand's controller with an OUMAN controller. Installation is fast and easy.

End-user benefits

Intuitive UI

Easy to use and informative interface in the local language.

Good documentation

Extensive manuals reduce the demand for technical support.

"You have controlled your fear. Now, control your HVAC systems"

- Darth Vader

Get the right controller for the job

From small scale to large scale, from one room to many rooms, from heating to ventilation, we have the controller for you.