Eco-friendly. GDPR-compliant. Energy efficient. Connected with the cloud and electricity spot prices. This thermostat range has it all.
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We are your OEM partner

Control your property like never before

Eco directive compliant, GDPR secured, easy to install, and easy to use thermostat range. Designed, manufactured, and managed in the EU. Fits all typical frames on the market and runs energy-efficiently through the thermostat’s entire lifecycle thanks to cloud platform connectivity.


One thermostat cloud & app platform, with a variety of different thermostats that can easily be customized to cover your unique requirements.

Lifecycle management &
hassle-free after-sales

Through wireless connectivity, the thermostat’s energy usage is kept optimal now and in the future, as energy grids and electricity prices change. Furthermore, firmware and other updates are done easily as the thermostat is accessible remotely.
Wind energy with Ouman Cloud services in devices on top
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OEM customer benefits

Short time-to-market

An OUMAN platform product is an existing product & service. The customer decides the level of tailoring (S/M/L) and the product is ready for a ramp-up in production. Best case ramp-up and first mass batch order in 8 weeks from order.

Sourcing risk management

The product is designed to use the same component pool as other economics of scale, hence the availability of components is secured.

Low R&D investment

You pay only for tailoring, not for developing an entire product from scratch.

Contractor / installer benefits

Patented frame fitting

Flush mounting is very easy, and the thermostats lock and fit perfectly on all typical frames on the market.

Easy setup

Startup and initial wireless connection made easy. Less time is needed for installation.

End-user benefits

Peace of mind

Easy-to-use and environmentally friendly, these thermostats are the perfect solution for homeowners. The thermostats manage power usage and are available in a range of designs to suit any home, but can also be used remotely for more advanced control and programming.

Cloud control

Take care of your home from anywhere. Monitor your heating and cooling remotely and set the perfect temperature for your home via a mobile app.

Always on top of things

Save money and the environment by finding the most efficient settings for your home. The thermostat will even adjust your settings for you, so you don’t need to worry about constant tinkering. All devices can also be kept up to date by WiFi.

"Beep boop"

- R2-D2 to our thermostat
(rough translation: "I wish I was just as advanced as you")

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