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Intelligent buildings will be on top of any situation, thanks to wireless sensors that collect data on an indoor climate. The sensors provide feedback to a building's HVAC systems, and visibility to property managers and service staff.
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Building systems of the future

No matter how big or small your building is, you can use our wireless sensors to make it smarter. You'll save time and money with fewer service calls and increased energy efficiency, especially when integrated with OUMAN HVAC controllers.

Save on costs and reduce
energy consumption

Expand your control and save on installation, maintenance, and labor costs. With the built-in web UI in the base station, you can view trend data from any location across the globe and manage sensors through a browser interface. Connected with OUMAN controllers, your HVAC system will automatically optimize the heating curve and provide a healthy indoor climate.
OUMAN Sensor family, black & white

Straightforward efficiency

Wireless sensors are an essential part of a smart building. With our wireless sensors, you don't need to worry about commissioning time, installation, or compatibility with other systems. Keep your customers' buildings efficient with our system that's fast and easy to install.

Free up WiFi bandwidth

With our wireless sensors, you can have low-power sensors that act as several routers with a 5VDC power supply connected to them! Free up your WiFi bandwidth, and cut down on the need for multiple routers.
Free up WiFi bandwidth with our wireless sensors.
Read about different benefits for you, your contractor or your end-user

OEM customer benefits

Data-driven effectiveness

Run your processes effectively based on data by integrating OUMAN sensors.

Contractor / installer benefits

Fast and easy

The sensors are fast and easy to install, which means fewer support activities and that the installer has more time for additional work.

Easily extendable

The flexibility of our sensors ensures that contractors can expand the system of a building at a later time without touching the already-installed devices.


The sensors can be integrated into an existing building automation system through the built-in Modbus.

Plethora of sensors

Numerous sensors for your every need. Furthermore, temperature- and humidity sensors don't require cabling.

End-user benefits

Intuitive UI

The wireless sensor system provides an intuitive user interface to monitor indoor air quality.


The sensors can be directly connected to our SCADA -Ounet

Editable trends

Trend monitoring can easily be edited to suit one's needs.

Water leakage control

An OUMAN Wireless sensor can also be used as a water leakage control device.

"Your eyes can deceive you; don’t trust them"

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"Use OUMAN Wireless Sensors instead"

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