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OUMAN user interfaces can be used in projects or in OEM applications.
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Out of the box or customized?

We are flexible.

A customizable, ready-made product

The hardware and mechanics are already developed with standard functionality that fits room control applications. If you need a customized version - tell us what functions and graphics you want, and we'll pack a fitting software to complete your new flagship product!
OUMAN User interface with RU23
Read about different benefits for you, your contractor or your end-user

OEM customer benefits


Plenty of support for different use cases.

Adapting mechanics

Our user interface fits all standard European 55x55 frames.

Low investment costs

If our standard application doesn't fit your requirements, we can easily modify it to meet your needs. You pay only for tailoring, not for developing an entire product from scratch.

Economies of scale

Whether you buy small or big amounts, you can get the benefits of economies of scale, and fast, secure deliveries.

Contractor / installer benefits

Pre-programmed room controller

Our standard product OUMAN RU23 supports room-specific temperature measurements and set-points, fan speed, heating and cooling, timers, and home / away.

End-user benefits

Modern UI

The full-color capacitive touch panel is easy to use and informative for the end-user.

"The Force is strong with this one"

- Darth Vader

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