Discover Ouman's innovative solutions tailored for today's and tomorrow's buildings. Whether it's pioneering OEM components or smart building automation, we blend cutting-edge technology with sustainability to transform living and working environments. Join us in shaping a more efficient, comfortable, and secure future.
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About us

At Ouman, we are driven by a singular mission: to innovate energy-efficient solutions that not only save energy but also enhance comfort in living and working environments across the globe. With a proud heritage rooted in the EU, our comprehensive range of products and services is designed to meet the intricate needs of modern buildings and industries.


For Our OEM Partners, we offer a suite of white label products that seamlessly integrate into your existing offerings or serve as a foundation for new ones. From hydronic underfloor heating & cooling systems to advanced Wi-Fi thermostats, our OEM solutions are developed with an emphasis on customization, quality, and rapid market entry. Our commitment is to shift your focus from development to expansion, ensuring that your business stays ahead in a competitive landscape.

Building Automation

In the Realm of Building Automation, Ouman leads with solutions that are meticulously designed to excel in both new constructions and renovation projects, showcasing unparalleled versatility and efficiency. Our offerings are perfect for e.g. contractors, housing companies, and municipalities seeking smart, sustainable control in any project. By making building management simpler and more efficient, we help usher in a future where buildings are not just smart but also sustainable.


choose Ouman

Choosing Ouman means more than just selecting a product; it means becoming part of a growing family of innovators and forward-thinkers dedicated to shaping a sustainable, efficient, and comfortable future for everyone.

Innovative solutions for today & tomorrow

At Ouman, we're not just about meeting the current needs of building automation and OEM solutions; we're about anticipating the future. Our products are designed with the next generation of energy efficiency and building intelligence in mind, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.

Tailored to your needs

Whether you're an OEM partner seeking to enhance your product lineup or a contractor looking for smart, sustainable building automation systems, Ouman's range of products can be customized to fit your specific requirements. Our commitment to flexibility means your solution will be a perfect fit.

EU-based design and cybersecurity

With all our products designed and manufactured in the EU, we adhere to the highest standards of quality and cybersecurity. This commitment ensures reliability, safety, and peace of mind for our clients, knowing their systems are secure and compliant with GDPR.

Unmatched energy efficiency

Our core mission is to save energy and create comfort. Ouman's products are at the forefront of energy-efficient technology, helping reduce carbon footprints and operational costs, and making significant strides toward a fossil-free future.

Proven track record

With decades of experience and countless successful implementations across Europe, Ouman has established itself as a trusted leader in the industry. Our case studies and testimonials speak volumes of the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients.

Dedicated support

From initial consultation to post-installation support, our team of experts is with you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, ensuring that you have all the assistance you need, when you need it.

Latest News

Discover the latest from Ouman: breakthroughs in energy efficiency, product launches, strategic collaborations, and more. Our news keeps you at the cutting edge of smart building solutions:

Product Manager for Ouman White Label products

We are seeking a Product Manager to lead our white-label product range for the OEM market, focusing on HVAC systems. This role involves strategic planning, lifecycle management, and driving product development with a cross-functional team. Based in Sweden, it offers a chance to innovate in a collaborative environment, requiring fluency in English and technical expertise.

Ouman invests 1.5 million euros in a new robotic assembly line in its Estonia factory

Ouman has invested €1.5 million in a new robotic assembly line for its factory in Estonia. The line will increase production capacity by 50%, supporting Ouman's growth in building automation products. Demand for the company's products has increased due to rising energy costs, prompting real estate owners to invest in energy optimization. The robotic assembly line can mount up to 95,000 components per hour.

OUMAN is at ISH Frankfurt

OUMAN is participating in the ISH trade fair, held in Frankfurt from March 13th to 17th. ISH is the world’s leading home energy technology fair. We look forward to seeing you at booth 10.3 C48. Welcome!